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Welcome to my Infernal Realm...I am the Dark Lord R'Khan Sorrow, and this site is dedicated to artists of all mediums who enjoy their creativity tinged with darkness.  Feel free to wander around and explore the works displayed here, or submit your own works for display as well.  Also check out some of the sites features, we have a forum with information on how to join the "New Circle of Lovecraft", trading software, or just to offer creative ideas.  Feel free to use the chat room (although you must download the FREE software to use it).  We will in the future be hosting Topic based chats for members, so join the "Circle" and keep informed.  Thanks again for stopping by and come back again soon....

"A Site for the Preservation of Dark Creations"


Warning:This site may contain material not suitable for viewing by younger visitors.  Parents please monitor the contents your children are viewing.

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Okay the page is as updated as it's gonna get for a while, be sure and sign the guestbook, and e-mail me if interested in joining the "Circle". Feel free to post on the forum, or use the chat room.  Will e-mail members with times and dates for chat forums.  Thanks for stopping by. Check back for updates.
Be sure and check out "Balseraph" live at "The Outer Limits" on May 11, 2002 if you're anywhere near Manhattan, KS.  It's a show NOT to be missed.  Also check out their website on my Lynks page.

For information on joining "The New Circle of Lovecraft" or for information on trading click below to enter the Forum.